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  1. Hannah Fischer says:

    Dear Sir.
    I love your homepage. I´ve been in Santrokofi Bume for one year.
    I am from Germany. I think it´s very important to make towns publish who are not so big and not so popular. And it ´s important to to show these towns respect. With this homepage you are giving Santrokofi the respect it has earned. Santrokofi is such a wonderful town, I mean all the three towns ;). The people are hospitable, lovely and friendly.
    I was working in Kid´s Corner in Santrokofi for one year. It´s a project where the children can learn and play after school. Madam Liz Busch established it 3 years ago.

    All the best.
    Hannah Fischer

  2. Victus Tetteh says:

    Thank you for the expose you are giving to our royal hometown. there are few things that are not very factual and would be pleased to assist you in correcting. I may also be of assistance in building a formidable website to market our HOMETOWN Santrokofi.

    God bless you for the giant step you have taken to market Santrokofi

  3. Oyintey Edem says:

    People of Santrokofi are loving and kind.Most people who visit the traditional area seem, to give them credit for their hospitality.All the youth in the three sub towns have formed Youth Associations with the sole aim of developing the town; ranging from education to culture. During Easter, they raise funds to support on going projects.This Easter is no exception.Come along with friends and have fun especially at Benua.On behalf of the Benua Association, l wish you a happy Easter in advance.Thank you and may God bless you.Bye-bye.

  4. Lettu victor says:

    The best town in gh

  5. James brempong says:

    One of the best towns in the volta region

  6. matrix says:

    Beautiful villages with wonderful hospitable and friendly people. Stayed in Santrokofi Benua for three very enjoyable weeks in April.

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