Some historical photos

Photos of Santrokofi predating the 1950s are rare. This gallery lists some of them.

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6 Responses to Some historical photos

  1. Kofi Amewu says:

    So interesting?//

  2. francis asiedu says:

    am so proud an so thankful to all those who developed this web site.i salute u all.there more intresting things that can b posted here.lets developed this site.

  3. manaseh mulbah says:

    this website is to let all sancos bal33bi to support .eg schools,town development ,water ,and the ongoing orphanage project .
    Please can we donate to help the project completed.
    God Loves A Chearful Giver

  4. Bernhardt Adjedi Cadbury says:

    Let us who call our self “enlightened” balee in various capabilitied, especially Benua keep the Chiefs and opinion leaders on their toes by putting measures in place without compassion that will bring a one time solution to issues that tarnish and degrade the image of all ‘banua’ citizens.
    Ooops, Santrokofi now consist of three towns with the recent formal inauguration of Batsorna Obetsah township. Whereas the people of Batsorna indigenously posses a peculiar cultural heritage that worth local and international hearing.

  5. wagba Robert says:

    l am proud of all who put in effort in creating this site may the good Lord richly bless you

  6. Eunice Okpantey says:

    It feels good to know
    “our Sanko” is being projected, good job!

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