Afɔ ninkyɛ!

Afɔ ninkyɛ means welcome in Sɛlɛɛ, the language of Santrokofi. Please feel welcome and browse the resources about Santrokofi found on this website.

Paramount Chief of Santrokofi Traditional Area

Okakple Nana Letsabi II – Paramount Chief of Santrokofi Traditional Area

Santrokofi traditional area is made up of three townships, namely Benua, Bume and Gbodome. It is situated 3 kilometres from Hohoe, on the north-south eastern trunk road from Accra to Kadjebi and beyond. The people of Santrokofi are of Guan extraction with their own language and culture. The people are known as “Balεε” while the language in the traditional area is known as “Sɛlɛɛ”.


A Foundation in memory of  the late Jonathan Cudjoe Pewudie was launched at Santrokofi-Benua on 2nd August 2015 at the E.P Church. Ten children, 5 girls and 5 boys were awarded a three year financial support each for education. Follow developments on www.cudjoepewudie.com

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