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Santrokofi in 1911

Santrokofi in 1911. Photographer: Rudolph Fisch. Archive: Basel Mission, Switzerland. Archive number #D-30.52.044.

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  1. Nana Saanle Akolor says:

    Our biggest problem in KUNUA, from my experience, trying to help Banua develop, is that we are not willing to give our time free for work on projects in the town.
    The first time I came home after long absence I contacted a company that was willing to dig two bore holes to Banua free of charge. The only thing the company required of us was that we provide the location and clear it. I contacted the development committee and asked for help to clear the area they had chosen. On the day the town development committee chose for Banua to help clear the area at AFƆKƐKATU only about ten people, male and female, turned up to help clear the sight. At the second sight at SAAŊFEKASƆ, only four people turned up. Of those who turned up, two demanded payment, which I think they had a right to, because other young men and women had better things to do than contribute to getting water for the town. I was surprised none of those who turned up at AFƆKƐKATU asked for anything.
    Today it is AFƆKƐKATU and SAAŊFEKASƆ where the whole town go to get water, without paying for it, when there is shortage.
    I suggested to those people in charge of water in KUNUA to get someone to be collecting money from those who use these facilities. They say they cannot get anyone to do that. I suggested they lock up the pipe until they can get someone to be collecting the money, because of any problem develops with any of the pipes the town has to pay for its repair. They agreed and locked the pipe; but some “BRAVE AND INTELLIGENT” young men went and broke the locks,
    I want ideas about how we can develop SƐL ƐƐH under these conditions!

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!


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