Sɛlɛɛ Phonology — a short sketch (Harflett & Tate 1999)

This sketch of the sound system of Sɛlɛɛ was written in 1999 by Sharon Harflett and Peter Tate, both working for the Ghanaian Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation (GILLBT).
Harflett, Sharon, and Peter Tate. 1999. Sɛlɛɛ Phonology: A short sketch. Santrokofi-Benua: GILLBT.
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1 Response to Sɛlɛɛ Phonology — a short sketch (Harflett & Tate 1999)

  1. Tiase Korsi says:

    The study by Harflett, Sharon, and Peter Tate, 1999, is very good.
    We can continue polishing up from where they stopped.

    Then we can now write sekuu loo in our sweet and magnificent Sɛlɛɛ.
    God bless them

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